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HR 101: Did you know?

Massachusetts voters recently passed the law legalizing recreational use of marijuana. Your response could be, “bummer man”, or “cool dude”! What’s a business to do? This doesn’t mean employees have the right to consume on premise or show up to work stoned. Workplace policies that apply to alcohol also apply to cannabis.

Marijuana is still illegal at the federal level and there are many jobs where drug testing is federally mandated. Similar to any other substances that can be abused, employees should not be under the influence while working, as it can negatively impact their safety and productivity, as well as their co-workers. Numerous studies have shown the negative impact of employees under the influence and it leading to increased tardiness, absenteeism, workplace accidents and increased workers compensation claims. Are your policies up to date? Don’t let your hard work building a business go to waste over a costly mistake. We can help.

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